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Government Targets In-House Polysilicon Manufacturing for Large Scale Solar Projects

<p>In pursuit of achieving Renewable Energy Targets and mitigating Climate Change, India has multi-fold increased dependence on imported Solar Panels. Indian Solar Market has shown imports of more than 85% of plant components from China, US and other countries. Domestic content requirement in solar auctions has moderated, which has put many domestic players to despair.&nbsp;</p> <p>Renewable energy targets to achieve 51% of renewable share is much more ambitious. To fall near around targets, dependence on import has to be minimal, as it is subjective to regulatory &amp; Policy risks of exporting country. Domestic Equipment Manufacturing is often plagued by lack of economies of scale attributable to lack of demand. To strengthen domestic participation in solar market, Government must plan to make local manufacturing of equipment a key element for bidding in large scale solar projects. Bids shall be reframed so as to bring manufacturing into the country while taking care of the interest of small and medium developers. Bigger bids will be focused on manufacturing, while smaller bids will take care of smaller developers.</p>