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Smart meters to rationalize electricity consumption in India

<p>In future, during peak-demand hours, consumers would get a message on their mobile phones offering them incentives to lower unit consumption. During off-peak hours, consumers would get a message incentivizing consumption &mdash; helping in optimum usage of power-hungry appliances such as geysers or batteries of electric vehicles. Soon, you would also be able to check which appliance is consuming more electricity and synchronize usage of power-hungry equipment, such as geysers, with off-peak hours, when pricing would be lower.</p> <ul> <li>The Internet of Things (IoT) solution would be made possible for the first time in India by Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd (TPDDL), a joint venture of the Delhi government and Tata Power, which is set to install smart meters and also launch a mobile app for Android (to start with). In the first phase, 2.5 lakh smart meters would be installed in north and north-west Delhi. By 2025, 16 lakh smart meters would be operational.</li> <li>Consumers need not buy a smart appliance but can use their existing appliances and still automate their homes. With smart meters and the back-end infrastructure of a smart-grid network, even the distribution company would start behaving smartly.</li> </ul>