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Ministry of Power (MoP) Scheme on Flexibility in Generation and Scheduling of Thermal Power Stations

<p>The Ministry of Power vide its Memo dated 05th April, 2018, proposed mechanism for allowing Flexibility in Generation and Scheduling of Thermal Power Stations to reduce emissions. The key highlights of the scheme are as follows:</p> <p>The thermal generating companies would be allowed to utilize its renewable capacities for supplying power against existing commitments to supply the power from thermal station(s) anywhere in India.</p> <ul> <li>Once schedule for the next day is received against its declared capacity, the generating station shall have the flexibility of using its Thermal power or the generating company owned renewable power or procured RE Power to meet its generating station scheduled generation. Thus the RE power shall replace the thermal power of any of the thermal generating station of the generating company, wherever found feasible by the generating company.</li> <li>The sum total of all the power actually supplied from various generating sources shall be considered for DSM purposes.</li> <li>Procurement and supply of RE power by the Generator for supply under this scheme shall be allowed and necessary License required need to be fulfilled by the respective Generating Company.</li> <li>The proposed scheme shall be applicable only for the thermal projects developed/being developed under Section 62 of the Electricity Act, i.e., Regulated Tariff based Projects.</li> <li>The changes in the regulation, if any, required for implementation of the above scheme shall be done by the appropriate Electricity Regulatory Commission.</li> <li>CEA to suggest a road map for implementation of the scheme at the generating company level i.e. a change from station wise flexibility to company-wise flexibility.</li> </ul>