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India building mega database of unique IDs of power plants

<p>In a first-of-its-kind initiative in the energy sector, the government has started work on a plan to create a mammoth database of all the power generating units in the country, whether operational or being planned. The idea is to create a National Level Data Registry System under which all the existing and upcoming electricity generating units of the country with capacity of 0.5 Megawatt (Mw) and above would have to get registered with Central Electricity Authority (CEA), an arm of the power ministry.</p> <p>All the generating units of above 500 Kilowatt capacity are required to obtain the registration number. This includes all conventional grid-connected stations; all generating units of grid-connected captive power plants; all grid-connected renewable energy generators including solar rooftop installations; all standalone generating units; and all units supplying power to neighbouring countries irrespective of whether they are connected to the Indian power grid. According to CEA, the registration number would be required for all power plants for injection of power into the grid.</p>