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Merit Order Operation-Flexibility in Generation and Scheduling of Thermal Power Stations to reduce the cost of power to the consumer

<p>MoP has issued concept note on the subject. In order to reduce the overall cost of generation of a generating company, flexibility should be given to generating company to supply power from any of its generating station against the schedule for its stations and gains realized in the process could be shared with beneficiaries.</p> <ul> <li>Under this arrangement, station wise allocation to different beneficiaries as per current Regulations shall continue. Individual Power Station shall declare its availability to RLDC as per existing practice. A replica to be maintained at NDLC for Inter-Regional scheduling.</li> <li>RLDC/NDLC shall seek total requisition from all the beneficiaries against their total entitlement from different stations of a Generating company as per present system.</li> <li>Based on requisition received from beneficiaries, RLDC/NDLC shall issue the Original schedule (R0) for Generating Stations as is being done presently, which shall be used for issuing the bills</li> <li>Based on total power requisitioned by various beneficiaries of the generating company, RLDC/NLDC shall the schedule the stations of the generating company, subject to transmission constraint, as per Merit order of the generating company in such a way that generating company having least energy charged rate (ECR) shall be utilized first followed by next higher ECR till the total requisition are met.</li> <li>RLDC/NLDC shall complete such merit order operation-based generation bucket filling (GBF) scheduling subject to any constraint arising due to transmission/other Grid security.</li> </ul>