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Private power producers allege CIL selling more coal through e-auctions

<p>Private power producers have alleged that Coal India is selling increased quantities of coal through e-auctions and have sought to stop e-auction sales till the company&rsquo;s supply obligations to the power sector to generate low cost power are met. Ashok Khurana, director general of Association of Power Producers alleged that generators with supply contracts are receiving less than 75% of their stipulated requirements leading to severe shortage of the dry fuel at power plants. Instead, the country&rsquo;s coal supplier is offering additional quantities through e-auctions that fetch a premium over the notified price.</p> <p>The coal and power ministry urged them to take it up on a priority basis. A senior Coal India executive said the coal producer has ample production capabilities and there is no supply shortfall at pit head plants but non-pit head plants suffer from stock shortage due to logistics and law &amp; order issues although we are ready to supply their full contracted quantity.</p>