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New Solar Technology - Self-cleaning solar panels developed by Hyderabad-based ARCI

<p>In a shot in the arm for India&#39;s National Solar Mission, Hyderabad-based international Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) has developed solar panels that are capable of cleaning themselves.</p> <p>The solar panels are coated with a special material that is highly water-proof or super hydrophobic. The nanoparticles used to manufacture solar panels will ensure that dust does not settle on them through an action of water. The potentiality of solar panels is affected if they are covered by dust particles. Usually, dirty solar panels are cleaned using detergents and it is a time-consuming process. The new type of solar panels eliminates the need for manual cleaning. According to ARCI scientists, the solar panels are on in field trial stage.</p> <p>Sonar panels are needed for street lighting, traffic signals, operating small home appliances and power production. Traditionally, the panels are mounted outdoors on rooftops or in wide open spaces to maximise their exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately, this type of outdoor placement leads to continuous exposure of the solar panels to weather and moisture. Around 20 per cent range of panels is reduced by dust, dirt, pollen and other particulates that accumulate on the panels. Power capabilities of an uncleaned solar panel in high dust area can drop by 30-40 per cent. Thus it will increase performance of solar panels by 30-40 percent.</p>