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Mitigating climate change requires to up-scale and speed-up renewable installations

<p>Scientist have raised concern over climate change and have interpolated that it needs to be addressed quickly. And its high time to act and limit global warning by replacing conventional fuels by renewable ones. Scientist studies shows that India will be among most adversly affected country if temp rises by 1.5 deg Celsius. Disastrous impact of alimate change would be in form of heat waves, rise in sea level, decline in farming &amp; crop yield and catching of fisheries.</p> <p><br /> The key is in grid stabilisation and the pace at which renewable energy generation is scaled up by ensuring that transmission losses reduced and attention is paid to technology development and manufacturing. Grid stabilisation will need to be addressed in a systematic way, particularly the question of balancing renewable power in the grid as the power system will increasingly depend on variable renewable sources. Need of hour is to focus on implementing its targets &ndash; whether it&rsquo;s renewable energy, electric mobility or energy efficiency. A lot more work needs to be done to take national policies and implement them at the local level such as cities.</p>