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Robotic cleaning solution to minimize wastage of water used for cleaning solar modules

<p>Robotic cleaning is set to drive immense ecological drive by enabling options to switch to waterless cleaning of solar panels. Robotic cleaning enables plant owners to operate at peak efficiency and also generating attractive ROI by curbing the spends on manual cleaning and increasing the power generation. Robot usage for cleaning solar panels is poised to leverage ambitious government plan of achieving 100 GWp of solar power projects by 2022.</p> <p>The ministry has also recommended the use of robotic cleaning technology, which uses less water for cleaning solar projects. MNRE has recently issued a letter recommending efficient utilization of water for cleaning utility-scale solar projects</p> <p>Though robotic cleaning is at nascent stage and is a bit expensive to optimize on OPEX cost. Future cleaning technologies is estimated to come up with innovative cleaning solutions that involves improved quality, reduced cost and less water usage. Some companies have already started R&amp;D and investing in robust manufacturing facility.</p>