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MNRE move has supported developers to enhance DC capacity in adherence to AC contracted capacity

MNRE has made it clear that developers can add up to their DC capacities as long as they adhere to the contracted AC capacity. Adding up of DC capacity does not violated terms of PPA as long as the AC capacity of the project corresponds with the contracted AC capacity and at no point, the power scheduled from the solar project is in excess of the contracted AC capacity. Solar PPA defines procurement of solar power in terms of AC capacity and CUF of plant, adding up of more panels on DC side would enable developers to supply committed energy and does not cast any obligations on procurer to buy generation over the contracted energy range and also developer liability reduces for penal charges on account of less supply than the minimum committed energy or minimum committed CUF. This would enable ease of doing business in the solar segment and would provide hassle free path to developers of renewable energy that would support to achieve energy security in the future, along with a cleaner and sustainable environment.