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Decline in imports from China and Malaysia after imposition of safeguard duty on imports

Around one year post imposition of safeguard duty on imports of modules form china and malaysia there seems to be a low market created for domestic manufacturers in utility scale segment while on the other hand for distributed solar segment has spured demand for domestic solar module. Indian modules have not only become cost-competitive but also more appealing from a logistics standpoint for distributed projects which require a shorter development period. Also Sourcing Indian modules is also more efficient when sourced from domestic manufacturer, as it can help in reducing lead time for projects, which is typically between 2-3 months. Though favorable current policies towards large manufacturer, conducive rooftop solar policies by the government, imposition of safeguard duty and domestic content requirement from government tenders have created a market for local manufacturers, but local manufacturers have to be alarmed and concerned if they are dependent on and expanding based solely on duties, which is very risky.