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Maharashtra designs to confine rooftop for residential only

Net metering polict in India was introduced to make distributed renewable energy more accessible and economical for electricity consumers across the country and reduce carbon footprints. But the recent draft by the MERC proposes the removal of net metering policy, this may end rooftop solar in Maharashtra, however, implementation has been rocky on the ground. Implementation of this regulation may reduce solar installation whereas the cost will shoot up and could make rooftop solar unviable for many consumers. It will lead to a significant reduction in the business and even closures of many small and medium companies thus having an adverse effect on the employment market. Majority of the small and medium-sized manufacturing industries are already under economic pressure, so if these benefits are taken out then solar projects will become unviable for most of them. This amendment in policy seems to be a complete disconnect between the central government’s goal of achieving 100 GW of solar by 2022 and the states’ short-sightedness in rolling back net metering. No only Maharashtra but many other states are hesitant to provide a robust environment for rooftop solar, as DISCOMS does not want to sacrifice premium customers who pay a high tariff.