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Making rooftop more viable!

To make rooftop solar more consumer centric, utilities should honour incentive on the power generated through rooftop solar systems subject to the approval of the commission and also make timely disbursements. Capping on solar plant capacity upto maximum of 80% of distribution transformer capacities is another bottleneck to overcome and it should be enhanced to optimal level or distribution transformer capacities to be revamped to a level so as to set up solar projects higher than the sanctioned load if they have space and the capacity to do so.

Also banking facilities for grid-connected rooftop solar power systems and the ability to carry forward excess energy from one billing cycle to the next and even to the next financial years should also be relaxed. Open access consumers who plan to get rooftop solar projects in their premises to be allowed to use net metering facilities.

Developers in states are usually vehemently opposed as they fear regulation could go back to gross metering, rolling back net metering. Net metering have better ROI than gross metering.