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Transformation of power sector is need of hour

Power sector is facing plethora of issues which is descaling boost in the economy. Government need to mull on various issues of the sector which are undermining development in the power sector. To boost the sector it needs significant co-ordination between policy-maker, investor and consumer to drive successful transformation of the sector. There is a need for factoring in the requirement for new policies and regulations, reform measures, process and technology dimensions, people capabilities, and customer requirements. Adoption of advancement in technological interventions, retirement of older coal assets, compliance of stricter environment norms are some of the splaying issues that need to be properly addressed.

Challenged of grid integration for renewable energy and flexibility of renewable generation sources in complementarity with thermal, hydro, and balancing sources like PSP and battery also need to be properly addressed and evolved. To improve poor financial condition of the Discoms revival packages and timely tariff adoption shall pave the way for advancement of distribution sector. Proper deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is likely to improve collection efficient and reduce commercial losses.