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Green Window supporting less expensive financing to renewable projects

IREDA devices to set up USD 100 million green window for financing renewable energy projects. Funding from the projects shall come from seed capital where public and private domestic banks and international sources shall be lending out for the project development. Green window financing is expected to the lower the risk for traditional banks to finance green energy and tap into international capital to help India power its cities and rural communities.

India is set to achieve its ambitious plan of 175 GW of Renewable energy generation of which 100 GW is to come out of solar. India has stepped towards becoming a USD 5 trillion economy, subsequently country plans to increase its target to install 450 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity. It would also be one of the major drivers of its economic growth. Introduction of green window would provide a significant boost to the renewable energy market and support underserved clean energy markets and support scaling up of new clean energy technologies.

Achieving the 450 GW of ambitious target would increase access of green energy to millions of Indians and, additionally could create million job opportunities in the country.