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Delhi govt intents to reduce pollution by adoption of EV Vehicles

Delhi govt has approved policy on Electric Vehicles which focuses on adoption of electric two-wheeler, three-wheeler, including cars, buses, carrier vehicles, as these vehicles majorly contribute to vehicular pollution in Delhi. Around 35,000 electric vehicles, 1,000 EVs, and 250 public charging or swapping stations are targeted by Delhi government.

To ease faster adoption of Electric vehicles, all new residential and workplace parking shall have EV charging points and stations. Delhi will also have an EV cell established within the transport department for the effective day-to-day implementation. All leased or hired, cars used for the commute of government officers will be transitioned to electric within a year.

To promote adoption of electric vehicles by consumers, Delhi govt. has waived off road tax and registration fees for all the electric vehicles during the implementation of the policy and also a purchase incentive of ₹10,000 will be provided. For installers, 100% subsidy is provided for the purchase of charging equipment up to ₹6,000 (~$84) per charging point for the first 30,000 charging points at homes or workplaces, which shall be routed through utilities operating in a particular area.

Adoption on electric vehicles is poised to reduce Delhi's pollution, thus reducing SOx and Nox emission and is expected to substantially reduce dependence of oil and gas import. This will also power job creation in driving, selling, financing, servicing, and charging of EVs.