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Energy exchange set to bring enhanced flexibility to generators and buyers of short-term power

IEX is an online platform where both generators and buyers can trade power to sell and buy in short term power market. Under current market framework, discoms or captive users can buy power one day prior in Day Ahead Market (DAM) at power exchanges where trading is done for two hours daily from 10 am to 12 noon. From 01 April onwards exchanges would launch a real-time power market where there would be 48 sessions each of half hour in a day. This would allow flexibility to both generators and consumers to schedule power at an interval of one hours, means the trading of electricity would be done round the clock.

Such framework and mechanism would allow end consumers like gencos, discoms, open-access consumers flexibility to plan their energy supplies in better ways, where gencos would ramp-up or ramp-down as per power requirement from end consumers. This would also support intermittent attributes of renewable power.