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Developers in Andhra Pradesh skewed about renewable power curtailments in state

Developers in Andhra Pradesh have resorted to curtailment of power from renewable energy projects even after renewable energy projects being granted the must-run status. Andhra Pradesh have steadily started to pay off dues of renewable energy generators, nonetheless several developers are yet to receive long standing dues. Earlier courts have asked state not to curtail power from renewable energy projects. Developers alleges that curtailment was due to higher tariff in the signed agreement and on the other hand SLDC argued that curtailment was due to grid security. POSOCO is being appointed to look behind the reason for curtailment of renewable power.

Andhra Pradesh has set a bad precedent, and the industry will take a long time to recover from this fall off. Wind and solar have been growing in India despite multiple challenges over the past year, and this is the last thing the industry needs right now.