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Storage-based solar project to set up another benchmark for reliable power round the clock

Recent auction of storage-based solar project earmarked a low solar tariff with assured round-the-clock supply which costed to less than 8% of thermal power, also making the reliable power supply at affordable rates. Auction ended up with both storage based capacities and pumped-storage where tariff for peak hours is in the range of Rs 6-7 per unit and average tariff was recorded around Rs. 4 per unit. Average tariff of both peak and non-peak hours works out to be Rs 4.04 per unit. These tariffs are competent enough with Rs 4.24 per unit tariff discovered at a recent auction of stressed thermal capacity auctioned for a tenure of three years by PFC.

This is attributable to deployment of large GW size based projects, where power price reaches near to APPC of various discoms, thus providing discoms a financially viable alternative for meeting renewable energy obligation. Discoms can also tap solar storage power for meeting peak demand, especially in the evening hours, and also fulfil the green commitment. Such projects may also assure supply commitment, including peaking power, as solar tariff is levelised for 25 years.