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Facilitation centre to provide acquaintance investors about programs and policies

For providing more clarification to investors about programs and policies of the government, MNRE has opened an Industry and Investors’ Facilitation Centre. Constitution of this centre is aimed at developing a fast-track mechanism to resolve the investors’ issues and taking the ease of doing business.

Government targets to increase its contribution towards mitigating climate change challenges through increasing India's share of renewable energy to 40% of our total power generation capacity by 2030. Renewable capacity in India has shown a paced growth, where 86 GW of capacity has already been installed, and 34 GW is under implementation. Government also plants to set up ultra-mega renewable energy projects. To build investor's confidence government has also strengthened the power purchase agreements (PPAs) and line of credit measures for a payment security mechanism. Renewable sector is predominantly invested in by private investors and to meet the government committed target renewable energy sector requires nearly $65 billion more investment. And such steps taken by government will boost investor’s confidence in the market to invest further.