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COVID-19 may turn out to be catastrophic for rooftop market

Lockdown situation has stalled many operation across industrial and commercial consumers. Main consumers base of solar rooftop developers are industrial and commercial segments which are currently non-operative. This has clogged revenue stream, as solar  plants remains stalled due to no demand. Also bank debt may emerge as a major burden on rooftop solar developers. Rooftop does not count in necessity of consumers, so there are chances that major consumers may delay decisions of installing solar rooftop PV system.

Corona virus may hit hard to small rooftop solar PV developers. It is likely that many small players in rooftop segment can go bankrupt or exit business due to lockdown as smaller players may not have sufficient working capital to meet working capital requirements. Also it is unlikely that they may get any financial support from government. It is expected that Demand for rooftop solar may unfortunately be depressed for a fairly long period of time.