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Researchers evaluating other option to Li-ion battery

Electric Mobility has seen a substantial growth in the recent past across globe and transition towards renewable energy integration has pushed its deployment at a faster pace. Rising demand from Industry has made it crucial to innovate a most reliable, durable and economical battery base solution that caters to the rising demand of battery based energy storage solutions.

Li-ion battery is the most prevailing energy storage solution, high cost of lithium based battery is a major hurdle in adoption across Industry segments. Also researchers assess that world may soon run out of lithium and cobalt. These two elements are essential for the production of a cathode. Researchers are continually evaluating alternate options that are essential for the production of a cathode. Replacing lithium with potassium and cobalt with iron, manganese and titanium could possibly make a feasible solution.

Researchers have developed a new cathode material based on titanium fluoride phosphate, which is stated to be stable and has achieved superior performance at high discharge currents. Innovation should come with optimal and reduced cost but not at the cost which pose a serious threat to our environment and are hazardous.