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Indian Equipment Industry Mission Plan - Analysing and Benchmarking BTG Market
INR : ₹ 60000 | USD : $1400
INR : ₹ 120000 | USD : $2800
INR : ₹ 120000 | USD : $2800

The fast-paced domestic consumption over the past decade has pushed the Indian economy towards impressive growth rates. Despite strong economic growth, the national level per capita power consumption is among the lowest in the world. For instance, the peak power deficit in H1 of FY12 as per CEA data was estimated to be 9 percent, close to 12.2 GW. The growth in electricity generation has been substantially offset by the growth in electricity demand. The slow pace of growth in electricity supply end owes to the fact that consistent slippage in the annual and five-yearly planned targets. The annual capacity slippage was on an average 65 percent in the last ten years. USD 400 Billion Investments in Generation by 2022 One among the major reasons for capacity slippages are related to insufficient domestic manufacturing base and supply chain related issues. As per the central government’s plans to sustain the economic growth, a cumulative capacity of 180 GW will be targeted during the period FY 2012-22. The targets will thus poise India among the largest market in the world for equipment supplies. The generation equipment segment in particular will emerge as a high growth opportunity.

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The report provides detailed analysis of each of the segment listed below:-

  • Indian Power Sector
  • Indian Equipment Industry
  • Boiler Market Overview and Current Scenario
  • Steam Turbine Market and Current Scenario
  • Gas Turbine Market
  • Parametric Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Benchmarking Key Player
  • Key Research Findings

The 186 page report provides the very latest information and analysis of this important and emerging sector answering the key issues some of the important ones being:-

  • Will the competency in turnkey solutions and EPC capabilities play a key role in future bids?
  • What are the new market entry and acquisition strategies pursued by international players?
  • Is the market likely to witness globalization in the value chain and expansion in overseas procurement and engineering?
  • Are there any issues with Chinese brands?
  • Where do the domestic manufacturers stand in comparison to foreign players?
  • Are Manufacturers aligned with consumer’s perception about their product and service offerings? 

Report Classification Research Report
Tags Indian Equiment, market
No. of Pages 184
Format Hard Copy
Date of Publication 2013-03-31