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India Overseas Coal Acquisition and Imports: Analysis of Investments & Strategies
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The Indian coal industry has experienced an incredible decade with many new developments in the market structure, policies, and demandsupply. In the global arena, India stands third in terms of tonnage of coal produced and fourth in terms of total energy value of coal produced. To meet the increasing energy needs of the growing population and to back the industrialization process, India has to depend on coal as the likes of other developing economies such as China and Africa. While many policy-level issues being currently dealt and the outlook with many uncertainties, coal in India is likely to remain the mainstay fuel till the year 2050, unless nuclear is aggressively pursued.

Report Classification: Research Report Tags: Coal, Aquistion, Indian, Overseas, Coal Demand, Supply,

The report endeavours to provide an analysis of the global coal trade and role of Indian imports along with the complete assessment of the techno-economical factors specific to the prominent coal sourcing destinations, strategies being adopted by top Indian companies and the birds-eye viewing of future global coal trade and India’s role is imperative.  The business research report runs through the coal production, consumption and import statistics pertaining to India which is broken down by sources of supply and quality of coal. Impact of the recent recession in Indian coal industry, the proposed amendments to the coal legislations, what-next analysis on captive coal blocks, and developments in countries such as Australia, US, Indonesia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Mozambique are analysed in depth. Further to this, a collation of country-wise quality-adjusted price benchmarks, quality benchmarks is provided. And the research concludes with the list of top coal importing companies in India and coal exporting companies from prospective destinations and with a brief of their future strategies. 

The report provides detailed analysis of each of the segment listed below:-

  • Executive Summary
  • Domestic Coal Market in India – Current Scenario
  • Imported Coal Market in India – Current scenario
  • India Coal Demand and Supply Gap 2000-2020
  • Analysis of India’s Deals and Contracts in Global Coal Market
  • International Coal Quality Analysis & Benchmarking
  • International Coal Price Analysis
  • Quality Adjusted Price Benchmarking of  Indian and International coal
  • Analysing Indian Demand Side Investments
  • Analysis of Investments in Supply Side (International Assets)
  • Key Winning Strategies

The report is indispensable and must buy for – coal mining companies, coal traders, utilities (discoms/transcos/gencos ), domestic/international coal producers, financial institutions, central power players, EPC companies, banks, project financers /investment bankers, captive mines, coal importers / transporters, power developers, power traders, iron and steel manufacturers, cement manufacturers, fertilizer manufacturers, academic researchers, research companies, consultants, technology provider, consulting/legal firms etc.

Report Classification Research Report
Tags Coal, Aquistion, Indian, Overseas, Coal Demand, Supply
No. of Pages 242
Format PDF
Date of Publication 2013-10-30