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Coal in India: Analysing Supply & Demand Side Dynamics in India AND Database
INR : ₹ 90000 | USD : $2067
INR : ₹ 90000 | USD : $2067
INR : ₹ 90000 | USD : $2067

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The report will examine the dynamics involved in the coal industry of India through this report SNP Infra Research attempts to blend the factual status of the sector and present a dossier which would be first of its kind and would enable with reliable insights and better understanding of the coal and its consuming sectors in the country. 

The report will have 15 distinct sections. Some of the important ones being- 

·         Coal Fields & Mining in India
·         Reserves & Production of Coal in India
·         Coal Industry Structure & Regulation
·         Cost Dynamics of Coal Mining in India
·         Logistics of Coal in India
·         Coal Washing in India
·         Captive Coal Mining in India
·         Imported Coal Situation in India
·         Coal Demand in India
·         Coal Consumption in India
·         Risks Analysis for Coal in India
·         Major Players in Coal Industry of India 

The key queries which find answer in this report are: What is likely domestic coal production in India by 2020? What would be the coal import scenario in India and its possible impacts on the stake holders? In this dossier SNP Infra Research delves deep to and most exhaustively examines the regulatory and industry structure of Coal in India and its key impacts on the stake holders. Through this report, SNP Infra Research attempts to unveil the pressure on the power generation companies, steel companies and other coal consuming industries with rising coal cost and increased focus on securing imported coal. Also, the status of coal washing and captive coal mining is mapped to details in the report to project actual picture for all the stake holders. The dossier also factors the entire coal consuming sector and their demand is analysed in exhaustively with particular focus on associated risks, cost dynamics and logistics involved.

The objective of this report is to critically examine and analyze the sector in terms of demand-supply position, policy and regulatory guidelines, and sector performance. The report investigates the pros and cons of all issues and impending challenges looming the Coal Sector in India and provides recommendation to accelerate the growth momentum. The report will also help gain insights into the future prospect and outlook of the Coal Sector in India.

Report Classification Research Report
No. of Pages 250
Format PDF
Date of Publication 2014-07-31