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Coal Blocks Reallocation- Strategies to Bid & Succeed
INR : ₹ 60000 | USD : $1440
INR : ₹ 10000 | USD : $255
INR : ₹ 70000 | USD : $1695

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This 180 page report would contain an in-depth analysis of the upcoming coal block reallocation, the probable strategies to be adopted by the bidder and how to be a successful bidder. Close to 150 blocks are slated to be evaluated and exclusive financial models would be evolved which involves a detailed sensitivity analysis and cash flow analysis. This blend the factual status and in-depth analysis of the coal blocks present a dossier which would be first of its kind and would enable clients to contrive most optimal bid winning strategies for each block. In this dossier SNP Infra Research delves deep to and most exhaustively examines the regulatory and industry structure of Coal blocks allocation in India. It attempts to unveil the pressure on the power generation companies, steel companies and other coal consuming industries with respect to raw material security. Also, the statuses of Discoms which are worst hit by SC decision are mapped to detail to unearth the impacts on the end consumers in terms of power tariff.

The key queries which find answer in this report are:

Which player is suited to develop a block as per end consuming industry?

What would be the possible impacts on the stake holders of the decision of Supreme Court of India?

Queries like these and many more find their solutions in the virtue of this report which is to explore how the ideal bidding strategy by demonstrating a block wise analysis for major consuming sectors.

 The report provides highly reliable datasets and excellent insights on to be allocated coal blocks and is a must buy for all allied stakeholders in the business value chain.

Report Classification Research Report
No. of Pages 180
Format PDF + Hard Copy
Date of Publication 2015-03-13