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Upcoming EPC Projects in Energy, Mining & Infrastructure Segment of India- 2015-Vol 1
INR : ₹ 60000 | USD : $1440
INR : ₹ 10000 | USD : $255
INR : ₹ 70000 | USD : $1695

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To take cognizance of the behemoth opportunity tune in the upcoming projects for EPC segments in India, SNP Infra Research attempts to provide a holistic view through “Upcoming EPC Projects in Energy, Mining & Infrastructure Segment of India – 2015” in two distinct volumes. The opportunity tune in EPC segment is so massive that we had to split the entire opportunity tracking under two volumes which covers entire infrastructure gambit of India. This report not only is extremely informative in terms of the upcoming projects per se but also renders to share the decision makers contact details which are most likely to award the EPC contract. The report encompasses the opportunity and beautifully unwinds them for all stakeholders to enhance their respective business portfolio. The report is likely to cover 20 identified sub-segments with 5000+ greenfield projects for EPC service providers, which makes it a must buy proposition.

The Volume 1 of the report covers the following segment–

  1. Coal Based Thermal Power Project
  2. Gas Based Thermal Power Project
  3. Wind Power Project
  4. Solar Power Project
  5. Hydro Power Project
  6. Biomass Power Project
  7. Oil and Gas Projects
  8. Coal Mining Projects
  9. Minerals & Metals Mining Projects
  10. Petrochemicals & Refinery Projects

The opportunity tracking dossier also focuses on every minute details of the investment tune planned in the sector coupled with the evaluation of country’s economic environment. This report not only deals in with all facets of Upcoming EPC market but also provides deep analysis of each sub-segment thereof.

Through this report SNP Infra Research attempts to unleash the tune of opportunities and associated challenges with both conventional and unconventional streams of the Indian Diesel & Gas engine sector and presents a path finding guide for all existing and likely to venture stakeholders in the segment.

The report is a must buy for: Power Producers (central, independent, captive, merchant), EPC Contractors (large scale domestic players, PPP and JV players, government participants, foreign EPC players, mid-size EPC players, small scale players), Oil and Gas companies (E&P, government, upstream, Downstream, EPC), Mining Companies, Banks and FI’s (domestic, international, PE firms, FDI investors, etc), Planning agencies, consultants, research firms, credit rating agencies, equipment suppliers and vendors etc.

Report Classification Research Report
No. of Pages 1450
Format PDF + Hard Copy
Date of Publication 2015-01-15