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Indian Power Sector - A Comprehensive Review and Identifying Opportunities in Store
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The last decade for India i.e. 2003-13 in terms of power sector performance has been no different from the previous one as the issues which grappled then seems to have re-emerged. The sector was marred with financial stress in the decade prior to EA, 2003 and as we stand in 2014 awaiting General Elections, be the utilities on the power generation side or the distribution side are financially starved making the situation no different. Although, the silver lining remains in terms of our planned capacity additions for 12th plan and more so because of the anticipated change of guard at Central Government level which is believed to revive the interests of private sector in to the segment.

Currently, India is struggling in terms of bad power assets which lie stranded in distinct regions of the country thereby forcing imposition of power outages in lieu of the shortages being faced. However, there is undoubtedly remarkable growth achieved by the power sector in 2003-13 decade which can be listed as:-

  • AT&C loss levels being scaled down from 35% to 26% at the end of FY 14
  • The tune of private investments in generation was massive and amount to INR. 3,000 Billion
  • Although, there was a slippage of 24 GW in the planned power generation capacity additions for the 11th Plan but still this plan saw the maximum installed capacity growth of 54 GW
  • The lack of awareness in terms of timely revision of power tariffs by the State entities saw a welcome change with majority of states and UTs went on to revise the tariffs in FY 13.


Given all the above achievements the Indian power sector the situation currently in the country is worrisome courtesy the staggering financial loss of distribution utilities to the tune of INR 670 Billion, coupled with the bank exposure to discoms of nearly INR. 2 Lakh Crores in which the major chunk is of deficit financing. The debt/equity ratio for private generation companies has risen to 2.94 in FY 13 from 0.91 in FY09. Adding to the woes of generation companies in the country is the stranded capacity of nearly 33 GW in absence of adequate coal or gas supply which is accounting for non-performing assets of close to INR 1 Lakh Crores. In its attempt to demystify the complete dynamics of power sector from generation, transmission, distribution to trading SNP Infra Research Solutions has evolved with this report on “Indian Power Sector”. This report will not only detail the current situation of all the segments of Indian power sector but also will factor the post elections impact on each of them and in-store opportunities.


This report encompasses exhaustively the set of possible impacts of impending issues post the General Assembly elections in FY 2014 and what likely changes will it bring in terms of positives for the power sector. Also, the dossier focuses on identifying opportunities associated with power generation, distribution, transmission, trading and rural electrification. The report also attempts to identify and dive deep into key developments and trends across power sector in India such as capacity additions in generation, transmission networks and distribution networks.


Nascent Draft Tariff Regulations for control period 2014-19 also finds an exhaustive coverage in the report with all possible impacts duly assessed and examined. The ardent need of finances is not only the need of the hour for Indian power sector, as far as project execution is concerned but also the identifying right channel partners to fund the same is equally pivotal. Hence, the dossier attempts to identify right ways of financing a power project in India by analysing resource capabilities, competencies and investment potential as three key parameters.


The report focuses on minute details of the investment tune planned in the sector coupled with the evaluation of country’s economic environment. This report not only deals in with all facets of power sector but also covers the intricacies and nuances of all allied industries by covering all equipment & machinery providers and the associated developments experienced with them. Also, the report profiles all power projects through an exhaustive and exclusive database.

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Date of Publication 2014-06-18