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BTG Market in India-2015 (Vol 1 & 2)
INR : ₹ 127500 | USD : $2941
INR : ₹ 10000 | USD : $255
INR : ₹ 137500 | USD : $3196

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Come 2015, the Indian Power Sector witnessed glimpses of recovery through the silver lining of major issues being addressed or started realizing addressal. From what was appearing to be a sector mired with improbable challenges courtesy fuel unavailability, lack of investment coupled with reduced interest from the project developer etc, it won’t be an aberration to mention that certain positive initiatives have redirected the grappling sector towards enormous recovery.
Coal block auctions, renewed investment interest form global majors and Make in India (MII) initiative are a certain boon for changing the dynamics of power generation in the country.

In this dossier SNP Infra Research exhaustively examines the profiles of key players in BTG supercritical and subcritical segment separately to generate a holistic track of competitiveness among the players. Through this report, SNP Infra Research attempts to unveil the various constraint and driver for the BTG market in India.

Queries like these and many more find their solutions in the virtue of this report which is to explore how the Indian BTG equipment would respond by 2020. The report provides highly
reliable datasets and excellent insights on BTG segment and is a must buy for all allied stakeholders in the business value chain like power project developers, BTG equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers and investors etc.

The key queries which find answer in this report are: Who would be the probable consumers to source the equipment at what price? What would be the impact of MII initiative on BHEL’s
share? Who would be strategic JV partners for indigenous BTG OEM suppliers? Will project financing be assisted by BTG players? What would be the share of Chinese OEM suppliers in
BTG segment of India by 2020? What will be the size of BTG equipment’s market in IPP, PSU and CPP segment? Etc.

Report Classification Research Report
No. of Pages 250
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Date of Publication 2015-09-21