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Entry Strategy: Solar Power Generation in India
INR : ₹ 60000 | USD : $1440
INR : ₹ 10000 | USD : $255
INR : ₹ 70000 | USD : $1695

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India has gained momentum in growth paradigm as an economy and with global agencies touting the country suitable for stable future investments the future too seems bright not only for enhanced domestic but also for revved up investments from foreign players. Given, economic growth is the parameter which would be quintessential in determination of infrastructural impetus for the country and hence the energy needs; India looks poised for colossal power generation capacity addition. These capacities clearly would come through two facets namely conventional and renewable energy and coupled with GoI’s intent to peddle up the capacities from green channel, solar power is destined to lead. With an impressive plan to add 100 GW capacities through solar power with the split coming from 40 GW grid connected power, 40GW from solar rooftop capacities and balance 20GW from large scale solar capacities on pan India basis by 2022 the number of upcoming solar plants would be gargantuan should the there is no slippage in planned additions. This would not only mean massive investments corridor opening up in the solar business but also would call for an informed decision making by project developers which in turn demands an exhaustive dossier which has all queries answered with a path breaking advisory approach to aid them. This very need was identified by SNP Infra Research team and hence a detailed coverage to facilitate the entry strategy in solar power generation business in form of an exhaustive research report was incepted. The report encompasses every aspect of setting a solar power plant and has dealt with minute detailing upon all intricacies and nuances involved thereof.

We have focused in particular on three preeminent challenges for solar Developer: site selection, key area of project development & regulatory framework and financing option. The research entails grid-connected electricity generation by photovoltaic cells. The dossier is set to be of great value to decision makers of diverse interests and expertise in industry and government as they guide the continuing evolution of the solar industry. Preliminary chapter provides an overview of a solar PV power plant. Subsequent chapters discuss the key elements for site selection, solar resources, energy yield predictions, plant design and standards. This report also unveils commissioning standards and operation and maintenance parameters. For niche investors it covers economic and financial analysis with financing options supported with
overview of regulatory framework of different state.

Report Classification Research Report
No. of Pages 250
Format PDF
Date of Publication 2015-12-30