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Urban Infrastructure in India: Opportunity Galore for Private Investors
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With 410 million urban population, India is 2nd largest in the world in terms of urban population. It is expected that India’s urban population will reach to 814 million between 2014 and 2050. According to a report of World Economic Forum (WEF), India needs more than USD640 billion investments between 2012 and 2031 to deliver basic infrastructure for the country's growing urban population.


India’s urban infrastructure is currently facing a fund shortage to the tune of USD 110 billion according to government estimates. Central and state governments are not in a position to absorb such a huge funding on their budgetary portfolio. Private players will play a major role in bringing in fresh investments into the sector and they are looking for a stable policy regime to enter and make a mark to this sector. Government through its various policy and regulation initiatives lay a red carpet to welcome private funding to this sector and is looking forward to PPP (Public Private Partnership) model of development.


With the larger picture in mind, SNP Infra Research is bringing out a comprehensive report on Urban Infrastructure which will cover predominantly the various sub-sectors associated with Urban Infra, issues of governance through partnership and participation, and ways and means of financing Urban Infrastructure projects. The report will further study several cases from developing nations, will draw a parallel to Indian context, delve deep into the policy and regulation gaps and explore the market potential for investment by private players in the sector.


The report will cover following sections:-

-       Introduction
-       Urban Infrastructure in India
-       Policy & Regulations in the Urban Infrastructure Sector
-       Overview of Various Schemes of the Central Government
-       Challenges for Urban Infrastructure Development
-       Private Participation in Urban Development in India
-       Investment Opportunities for Private Sector
-       Modes of Urban Infrastructure Development
-       Financing for Urban Infrastructure Projects
-       The Role of PPP in Urban Infrastructure Development in India
-       Case Studies from Outside India

Key questions to be addressed in the Report:-

·      How India fares in terms of urban infrastructure development for last 2 decades?
·      What are the growing challenges of Urban development in the present context?
·      Is government doing enough to address the urban development issues in India?
·      What are the service level benchmarks for measurement of ULB’s performance?
·      What are the different factors contributing to poor service delivery system in India?
·      What are the various challenges faced by various ULBs at ground level implementation?
·      What are the different finance options available for Urban Infra development?
·      Does PPP model a success or failure in India?
·      What are the innovative models of securing financing for urban infra projects?
·       In light of GOI’s push to this sector, are private players forthcoming to put their funds for the   development?
·      What are various demands from the private sector and how that can be addressed?
·      Do India have the required resources (Capacity in terms of man, material and machine) to address these issues?
·      Can best practices from developing countries be adopted in India?
·      What is the best way forward for India in terms of addressing the growing urban demand?

Report Classification Research Report
No. of Pages 250
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Date of Publication 2016-09-30