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Database of Installed and Upcoming RE Plants
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To take the cognizance of the behemoth opportunity tune in the RE segment SNP Infra Research attempts to provide a holistic view through Database of Installed & Upcoming RE Plants in India 2015.

India has seen transformation in the power generation portfolio in the wake of depleting fossil fuel resources and constrained supply from conventional power. The government’s initiative of generating clean power has triggered the growth of renewable energy sources and India is poised to be fast adding capacities on green base. The magnanimous capacity addition targets of 170 GW by 2022 bears a testimony to the fact that the non- conventional segment is altogether to witness a very bright phase in upcoming years in India.

Hence, a much-felt need for the industry was a dossier, which would tap all the upcoming and underlying opportunities, which will unfold due to the prevailing pro-renewable dynamics in the country. To adhere to this long felt industry demand and absence of a path finding guide in terms of pocket identification vis-à-vis opportunity split, SNP Infra Research as a leading research and advisory firm attempts to evolve with a database series on “Installed and Upcoming RE Power Plants in India”.

The Database of Installed RE Plants covers the following details-                        


Project Name, Owner Name, Owner Type, Sector, State, Installed Capacity, Unit,  Fuel/ Source, Technology Type, Commissioning Date, Commissioning Month, Commissioning Year, Additional Details Project Cost, Energy Generated in FY 15 in Mus ,Environment Clearance, Forest Clearance, Financial Closure, Location, District, Address, Contacts, Email Ids, Website URL, Equipment Supplier, Ratings ,Contractor Details

The Database of Upcoming RE Plants covers the following details-

Project Name, Owner Name, Owner Type, Sector, State, Status, Capacity, Unit, Fuel/ Source, Technology Type, Likely Date of Commissioning, Commissioning Year, Additional Details, Project Cost, Environment Clearance Status, Forest Clearance Status, Financial Closure Status, Location, District, Address, Contacts, Email Ids, Website URL, Equipment Supplier, Ratings, Contractor Details

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Date of Publication 2015-12-31