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Upcoming Construction Projects in India (Vol 1)
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India is on the verge of economic boom. With the government being upbeat about the infrastructural development and the rapid pace of construction witnessed in the country across the infra domain is making India no more far from positioning itself among the strongest economies of the world. Although, over the past 10 years India has successfully executed massive construction intensive projects , but this is not all. With India’s quest of continuously improving upon its infrastructural practices has widened the opportunity road for all the value chain players in the construction segment. With about USD 1 Trillion of investments planned for the infrastructure segment by 2025, the opportunity tune in the construction industry is expected to reach somewhere around USD 700-800 Billion, which is mammoth.

The Government’s intent to make a better India is heading peak each day as the country is witnessing a serious participation not only from domestic players but from the international origin players too in order to strengthen various facets of construction industry in India. Huge investments have been planned into the construction industry in order to enhance the quality of existing infra in the country. Not only the realty sector, but the other infra segment majorly including roads, railways , freight corridors, industrial corridors, smart cities, energy domain etc are also calling in for huge construction intensive projects defining better living for the people and hence reflecting inclusive growth. About 20 new industrial clusters have been planned to be constructed in the proposed Bengaluru-Mumbai economic corridor & Vizag-Chennai Corridor by 2020 with an investment hovering around USD 15-20 Billion.

About USD 100 Billion of projects have been planned into the road and metro rail segment by 2020, offering nearly 60-70% of the investment opportunity for the players into the construction domain. About 9.7% of the growth is only projected for the construction equipment industry by 2020 with an investment opportunity of USD 25 Billion. The same could be observed from Exhibit 1.

To take the cognizance of the behemoth opportunity tune in the construction segment SNP Infra Research attempts to provide a holistic view through Upcoming Construction Projects in India 2015 in three volumes. Volume 1 covers Upcoming Construction Projects in the Energy & Mining sector. Volume II, which includes Upcoming Construction Projects in Transportation facilities & Logistics and Volume III which tracks Upcoming Construction Projects in Public Welfare, Large Industrial &Special Investment Construction Projects.

This report not only is extremely informative in terms of the upcoming projects per se but also renders to share the decision makers contact details, which are most likely to award such infra projects along with the contact of the most preferred clients. The report encompasses the opportunity and beautifully unwinds them for all stakeholders to enhance their respective business portfolio. The report unearths the state wise upcoming opportunities for the players in developing public infra and presents a path-finding guide for existing and likely to venture stakeholders in the segment. The opportunity tracking dossier also focuses on every minute details of the investment tune planned in the sector coupled with the evaluation of country’s economic environment.

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Date of Publication 2015-10-31