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Database of 5000+ Road Projects in India
INR : ₹ 50000 | USD : $1300
INR : ₹ 0 | USD : $0
INR : ₹ 50000 | USD : $1300

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In this database we attempt to capture all the opportunities associated which emanates from the huge tune of investments in roads sector for XII FYP, SNP Infra Research in its latest business series database presents an exhaustive coverage of the road projects in India. The database encompasses exhaustively the set of associated opportunities in terms of:

  • Upcoming/under construction roads
  • Status of development of the road project
  • Category of the projects (viz. toll ways, NH or rural roads) as per different development models like BOT, BOOT or BOO etc.
  • Key developments in terms of bidding status for the road projects
  • Funding status as well to secure the tune of opportunities for business participants

SNP Infra Research’s Road database gives a detailed analysis of the physical and financial achievements of road projects during current FYP, identifies the priorities for improving the stretches of NHs entrusted with the PWDs of states/Union Territories, and progress under various phases of the National Highways Development Project (NHDP). To facilitate easier understanding of the Indian road sector, the database focuses on over 19 fields related to road projects development and implementation at all levels whether rural or national.


Report Classification Research Report
No. of Pages 5000
Format PDF
Date of Publication 2016-09-30